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Ten Famous Brands Are Using Instagram Marketing the Right Way

Ten Brands Are Using Instagram Marketing the Right Way


Instagram is an important component of any company’s web presence. It’s as essential to be as Facebook or Twitter and may be able to surpass them in the near future.


Instagram is currently the fastest-growing social media platform, boasting an impressive user base of over 400 million accounts, mostly composed of young people. Additionally, it has the highest rates of engagement of any other platform. Companies are much more likely to succeed on Instagram as opposed to other platforms.

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It can be difficult for products and services that are niche to establish themselves in the marketplace. This is where social media can assist. Brands that would otherwise be ignored could make waves online in the event that their Instagram content is viewed as viral.


Dollar Beard Club, which offers beard oil packages and grooming products at an annual subscription of just $1 could be an instance of a business that has done just that.


It was launched as a parody of the popular Dollar Shave Club, and the brand became famous for its humorous and irreverent style. It is apparent by taking a look at the posts it typically posts on Instagram:


The Dollar Beard Club also pays an eye to current subjects. As an example, they were quick to jump on the chance to make fun of the latest appearance of Aquaman in the latest Justice League trailer.


  1. Red BULL

This means that it has plenty of information to use for visually striking content. Red Bull often enlists famous sports photographers such as Christian Pondella to create images for their Instagram account:


The dynamic, dynamic compositions that are kinetic like these can attract the attention of most Instagram users, even those who do not usually take part in extreme sports. The appeal of photography is that it appeals to all types of people.


But, still images aren’t always the best option to choose. In certain instances videos are the better option to capture a specific particular subject or moment. Motion can be an essential aspect of capturing an action like cliff diving.


Red Bull posts plenty of videos via the Instagram account, possibly exceeding its photo output. You are free to pick which method is best suited to your content.



Airbnb can be described as an internet-based marketplace that permits users to lease their residences to those looking for temporary accommodations. With listings across the world’s 191 cities, Airbnb is a brand that has a global reach.


It means Airbnb is able to access many areas and individuals that it can use for a continuous supply of Instagram content. It is frequently populated by photos submitted to it by users and property owners who offer their homes for rental.

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It’s a technique Airbnb employs to benefit them. They can access the opportunity to showcase a variety of interesting and diverse photos from various areas and cultures. It is also an effective and engaging method to show the benefits of the service.


Airbnb has also been involved in political debates which is an uncertain choice from a business point of view. Airbnb decided to make a statement in this instance, however. They utilised the hashtag #WeAccept in order to demonstrate unambiguous support for tolerance and diversity. This helped to attract consumers who were also adamant about the subject.


  1. Water for charity

Social responsibility is now an integral aspect of the image of a brand. Customers prefer brands that strive to contribute positively towards the global community.


Charity Water is a nonprofit non-governmental organisation that aims to provide safe drinking water to those in poor nations as well as educating people about the impact of the current world water crisis.


Their Instagram serves as a template for those who want to build their reputation as a socially conscious company.


The majority of Charity Water’s pictures and videos focus on those who are receiving the water. It’s inspiring and heartwarming to see such a wide array of smiling faces with those who truly are in need.


Another important benefit of their success is that users on Instagram are drawn to content that stimulates their emotions. With our capacity for empathy, we are able to react to facial expressions and cues. Engaging with that ability can help make a brand more human.



Saturday Night Live is a TV show that has millions of viewers each episode, and a loyal audience on the internet. It’s a popular pop-culture icon that’s been going on for a long time, which means it doesn’t require much to draw interest.


SNL keeps the format of its Instagram simple. Its posts tend to be behind-the-scenes content and often hand the account over to the star host during the week. This is a great method to create anticipation for new episodes.


This simple image racked up more than 40000 likes in just a single day. It illustrates that the process of creating is interesting enough by itself.



Nike is a name so big that it needs several Instagram accounts to handle the various aspects. It has accounts for various segments, such as NikeWomen, Nike Basketball and Nike+ Run Club.


Nike Lab has perhaps the most notable Instagram presence. The primary goal on Nike Lab is to show new gear and clothing. Each article provides in-depth information on the product, including its capabilities and features in addition to giving a visual preview.


Customers appreciate getting thorough reviews of the products. It’s functional and gives them a concept of what you’re offering prior to purchasing it.


The dates for the release of Nike shoes have now become major occasions. People will wait outside of stores in order to be the first to purchase the shoes.


  1. GOPRO

GoPro is in an unbeatable position with regards to Instagram. Because its primary products are robust “action” cameras, it is only natural that they exclusively utilise images and videos created using the GoPro. It’s the ideal way to showcase what the cameras can do.


The incorporation of user-generated content is an effective way of building communities. Some, like GoPro, provide hyperlinks to submission forms for official use in their bios.

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